Funny story, that… (RAAM Paperwork)

Some of the Team Revolution members were concerned with things like bike maintenance, and nutrition. Some were there to peddle. I was there to capture the event, as best I could. Everyone had a job. But one job, one critical job, suffered the most stress leading up to start time. The job of getting all … More Funny story, that… (RAAM Paperwork)


Travel Update: Day 5

Skipping a bit. It’s been a long long way since Missouri. Kansas, for example, took a day. One long, difficult day of driving took us across one of the flattest bits of country I had ever seen (reserving judgement for the California desert, of course). We drifted across, chasing darkness, a thunderstorm, and our   … More Travel Update: Day 5

RAAM Travel Update

I think I mentioned that I would keep people informed, so here goes… Day 2 of the trip from the Greater Philadelphia area to Oceanside California technically began on the road, with a driver shift change. And I find myself behind the wheel, staring at the back of the RV. Little glitches happen. Rain assaults us, but it’s … More RAAM Travel Update

Episode Two: “Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur”

“Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur”, picks up where the Tech Bubble left us in early 2000. When the subsequent recession hit, people’s priorities had to change. And while the city continued to attract creative people and strove to trade some of it’s past blight for livability, financially, it seems, Philly also had a few tricks … More Episode Two: “Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur”


So some of my cohorts have taken to creating QRroulette. @hexinteractive coined the term (I believe). Then @trevmex had to go and blow it all out of the water with his Ruby method for creating the base images, AND his judicious use of GifNinja to make it all awesome!