Travel Update: Day 5

Skipping a bit.

It’s been a long long way since Missouri.

Kansas, for example, took a day. One long, difficult day of driving took us across one of the flattest bits of country I had ever seen (reserving judgement for the California desert, of course).

We drifted across, chasing darkness, a thunderstorm, and our   own fatigue. Kansas is a vast state, that lulls one into an almost meditative state when driving straight through it. At least in my (admittedly limited) experience.

We reached the Pratt at the halfway point of the state and stopped for ribs.

Back on the road

But when I say difficult, I suppose I should clarify.

There was nothing difficult about being with these people. Over the course of miles I’ve learned to appreciate the subtle interplay of this mini caravan. As we learn more about how we all operate, we get better at complementing each other, rather than working around each other.


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