RAAM Travel Update

I think I mentioned that I would keep people informed, so here goes…

Day 2 of the trip from the Greater Philadelphia area to Oceanside California technically began on the road, with a driver shift change. And I find myself behind the wheel, staring at the back of the RV.

Little glitches happen. Rain assaults us, but it’s a lukewarm assault, hardly worth worrying over.  A sudden spewing of water from the water heater detours us in search of an RV dealer for minor repairs. All very simple. While at the dealer, I meet a man who has just upgraded his “life”, because after just “moving in” to his old RV, he and his wife find “it was just too damn small”. Great guy. Just himself, his wife, and two sweet dogs trying to figure out what to do with their lives. We traded stories. Then back on the road.

The sun is out as I write. Terry is happily behind the wheel of Arabel (as the media  car has been dubbed for this trip), and I have some time to type/think.

There is a certain brand of crazy associated with mad-dash trips across country. It traffics in the myths of adventure, or adrenaline. Sometimes it’s an appeal to the spontaneous. Other times it may be motivated by grandeur, or the allure of escape. A least that’s where my head is.

 This trip has none of that.


Wait. Actually it has all of that. And a bit more.

A year and several months ago, when I signed on to follow four middle-aged men (I don’t throw that term around lightly, or with disrespect) who were bound and determined to ride the Race Across America as part of a larger fundraising goal, I was unprepared. But the pure enthusiasm and the cause won me over. And, let’s be honest, how often do you get asked to do something like this?

So I said yes, right? 2015 RAAM? Film the adventure? Hell yes.

A series of unfortunate incidents, displays of loyalty, and an appropriate delay, and here we are: 2016 RAAM. 

It’s a race, after all. Another mad dash, this time structured, so that groups of folks (and crazy individuals) can test themselves against an implacable foe: the entire country. It’s a crucible, like all great sporting events are a crucible. It reduces, and humbles, and is definitely NOT my general passion.

With that year delay, I have had the time to think about why this effort IS important to me, personally. And I don’t have ONE good answer yet. I have all the myriad good reasons, of course. The cause is worthy. The opportunity is rare. The people are fantastic… But one answer? One?

Not yet.

Meanwhile, as we putter across the country towards the start, I’ll try to update somewhat regularly. And I’ll keep pondering.


Hey! If you haven’t already visited the team site, please do. They are sharing this adventure with the world, and are close to a goal that will help move the needle on much needed cancer research. Just sayin’



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