Episode Three: “Come Together”

“Come Together” explores how two events changed the course of the Philly tech community.

This is the third episode in Season 1 of the Developing Philly webseries: a look at the events, people, and timeline that encompasses the rise of the Innovation Community in Philadelphia.

This was a particularly fun episode to post, because it has some of the earliest elements and interviews that we did for the series. It’s like a looking-glass back to a time when we were less certain the path this narrative would take.

Interestingly enough, for me, is that the series took a vital set of turns very quickly after this. And yet, while our growing understanding of the start of the tech/creative community was widening the scope of the story (leading us to additional foci), this episode (and into the next) represented the snapshots that were the foundation for starting the documentary in the first place.