Apple Strikes Again.

I’m sure everyone and their brother has heard by now. How could you have NOT? Today is the day that Apple updated their entire iPod line. All bright and shiny! Touch screens for the iPod (Touch). Video for the nano (fatty). Beautiful devices in that typical Apple way (I don’t like the new nano’s proportions … More Apple Strikes Again.

Happy Birth Day, Fancast!

Technically, it’s been in closed beta for a while now. But the powers-that-be have finally given the green light, and the “Big Red Open Beta Button” has been pushed. Welcome Fancast Open Beta! That’s right! No more waiting to see what all the fuss is about. Go and experience it yourself. It’s a pretty cool … More Happy Birth Day, Fancast!

Spider-man 3

Well, for weeks I’d been slowly realizing a growing truth: Gotta see it. If only for the effects (which are awesome), or for the continuing saga and romance (which, fortunately, is as compelling as the first movie), or for the villains (some surprises, and rewards for the comic-faithful). The more I saw in snippets of … More Spider-man 3

I’d hardly believe, if it weren’t April 2nd…

Can it be true? TechCrunch is reporting it (complete with an MP3 of the press call), and promises a PDF transcript. I scarcely can believe my eyes! EMI, Apple To Sell DRM-Free Music for $1.29/song You read that right. DRM-Free. Can the “muscle” that is iTunes finally return us to a world of copy-protection “sanity”? … More I’d hardly believe, if it weren’t April 2nd…