Cuil (Does NEW=FAIL?)

Is it ironic that I had to Google for Cuil? Or is it merely an indication of my waning net attention span? Is Cuil any different? Could it be better? The press is having a field day, split along the usual lines: traditional news outlets are pumping the “David Vs. Goliath” aspect, the tech writers? … More Cuil (Does NEW=FAIL?)

Hej hej!

Did I mention that I was going to Sweden and Italy? No? Well carry on reading if details of that trip interest you… Day 1 Arrive in Stockholm at Arlanda International Airport. It is a bustling place, I suppose, by Swedish standards, but seemed rather quiet. It was, however, exceptionally clean, and the security staff … More Hej hej!

Home Invasion

There is a monster in my house. And I let it in.   It’s all tooth and piss and energy. Its ruddy coat is the color of rust and autumn leaves. It leaps and calls and RUNS MY LIFE. It demands, and I acquiesce. It is a young thing yet, and when it matures, I … More Home Invasion

SXSW: A quick quip.

So here I am in Austin. I certainly didn’t expect to be here this year, yet here I am. I can write more later, but this whole things is taking up a decent amount of mind-share. Two quick things I observed: Ubiquitous wifi is AWESOME. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of constant access, anywhere. Austin is … More SXSW: A quick quip.

I am so pwned

The 360 hit the office several days ago. It didn’t take long before people started the trash talking. The throw-downs. The bravado. So far it’s all Halo 3 action, but it’s only a matter of time before I can be totally trashed in Gears of War, Call of Duty, Team Fortress… Heck, I’m sure I’ll … More I am so pwned

Noteworthy: People

A good friend and talented writer, Paul Lucas, gets even more recognition of his efforts. His most recent article, an interview with WMMR (including the legendary Pierre Robert), graces Montgomery Newspapers and gets a nod of approval on the front page of WMMR’s site (Keep scrolling. Stop gawking at the hotties. *time-limited, since the homepage … More Noteworthy: People