What’s on TV?

Most of us watch just enough TV to make having a good TV guide a valuable tool. There are a number out there (EvokeTV, TitanTv, TV.com, tv.yahoo.com, Television.AOL.com, and zap2it.com to name a few). Pick your poison: Some have ways to “subscribe”, some have search functions, some have ratings. The point is, if you want … More What’s on TV?

Farewell Ipsum

So my whirlwind ride with Ipsum Networks comes to an abrupt, but in retrospect natural, conclusion. It happened very quickly, from my point of view, but had really been building for a while. Suffice it to say this last couple of years has been pretty interesting, with a lot of good people and a lot … More Farewell Ipsum

Finally. Cyberspace?

I know our expectations for cool cyberspace are pretty high. Even (and perhaps especially) cartoons (anime) depict it in pretty cool ways. But to badly paraphrase Avery Brooks’ IBM Ad: “It’s the year 2004, but where is my cyberspace? I was promised cyberspace. I don’t see any cyberspace. Why? Why? Why…” Well apparently, a whole … More Finally. Cyberspace?

Is that porn, or code?

DataGlyphs “Xerox parc has worked out an interesting data embedding method that is kind of like steganography… basically it puts scannable information in the halftone of pictures in the form of little backwards and forwards slashes.” So… kinda makes it easier to justify staring at all those (*ahem*) pictures, right? There was a similar move … More Is that porn, or code?