Cuil (Does NEW=FAIL?)

Is it ironic that I had to Google for Cuil? Or is it merely an indication of my waning net attention span? Is Cuil any different? Could it be better? The press is having a field day, split along the usual lines: traditional news outlets are pumping the “David Vs. Goliath” aspect, the tech writers? … More Cuil (Does NEW=FAIL?)

iSepta: or “How NOT to have your web-service suck”.

Fantastic interview on Philebrity (it’s a great Philly-based destination, don’tchaknow). When people get together to create something cool, it’s great. When it really solves a “problem”, that’s even better. But when it can actually make my life SUCK less? That’s just pure gold. “Yesterday, three developers went public with an interactive SEPTA route planner designed … More iSepta: or “How NOT to have your web-service suck”.

SXSW: A quick quip.

So here I am in Austin. I certainly didn’t expect to be here this year, yet here I am. I can write more later, but this whole things is taking up a decent amount of mind-share. Two quick things I observed: Ubiquitous wifi is AWESOME. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of constant access, anywhere. Austin is … More SXSW: A quick quip.

Apple Strikes Again.

I’m sure everyone and their brother has heard by now. How could you have NOT? Today is the day that Apple updated their entire iPod line. All bright and shiny! Touch screens for the iPod (Touch). Video for the nano (fatty). Beautiful devices in that typical Apple way (I don’t like the new nano’s proportions … More Apple Strikes Again.

I’d hardly believe, if it weren’t April 2nd…

Can it be true? TechCrunch is reporting it (complete with an MP3 of the press call), and promises a PDF transcript. I scarcely can believe my eyes! EMI, Apple To Sell DRM-Free Music for $1.29/song You read that right. DRM-Free. Can the “muscle” that is iTunes finally return us to a world of copy-protection “sanity”? … More I’d hardly believe, if it weren’t April 2nd…

It’s a Feature!

Run Vista without activation? I dunno.  That sounds pretty dodgy, not from a legal standpoint, but more from a “heavy hand of Microsoft” coming down on this at some point. Of course they diluted their potential claims by acknowledging the workarounds that are the underpinning for this “hack”. Still, will I get all my updates? … More It’s a Feature!