Olympic Philly Connection

Huh! So hanging around at the Chinatown olympic celebration, in recognition of the start of the 2008 games in Beijing, and who vaults onto the stage? Mayor Nutter. And a bunch of past Philly Olympians Without much fanfare, and less explanation. Weird, but oddly appropriate.

Noteworthy: People

A good friend and talented writer, Paul Lucas, gets even more recognition of his efforts. His most recent article, an interview with WMMR (including the legendary Pierre Robert), graces Montgomery Newspapers and gets a nod of approval on the front page of WMMR’s site (Keep scrolling. Stop gawking at the hotties. *time-limited, since the homepage … More Noteworthy: People

Apple Strikes Again.

I’m sure everyone and their brother has heard by now. How could you have NOT? Today is the day that Apple updated their entire iPod line. All bright and shiny! Touch screens for the iPod (Touch). Video for the nano (fatty). Beautiful devices in that typical Apple way (I don’t like the new nano’s proportions … More Apple Strikes Again.