iSepta: or “How NOT to have your web-service suck”.

Fantastic interview on Philebrity (it’s a great Philly-based destination, don’tchaknow). When people get together to create something cool, it’s great. When it really solves a “problem”, that’s even better. But when it can actually make my life SUCK less? That’s just pure gold. “Yesterday, three developers went public with an interactive SEPTA route planner designed … More iSepta: or “How NOT to have your web-service suck”.

SXSW: A quick quip.

So here I am in Austin. I certainly didn’t expect to be here this year, yet here I am. I can write more later, but this whole things is taking up a decent amount of mind-share. Two quick things I observed: Ubiquitous wifi is AWESOME. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of constant access, anywhere. Austin is … More SXSW: A quick quip.

Happy Birth Day, Fancast!

Technically, it’s been in closed beta for a while now. But the powers-that-be have finally given the green light, and the “Big Red Open Beta Button” has been pushed. Welcome Fancast Open Beta! That’s right! No more waiting to see what all the fuss is about. Go and experience it yourself. It’s a pretty cool … More Happy Birth Day, Fancast!

the AJAX bandwagon

I digress, but everyone and their brother is jumping on the Ajax bandwagon. Aren’t you? Alex Bosworth chimes in with some common sense suggestions for when to and when NOT to use AJAX. I won’t replicate the list here; that’s what his original post is for, afterall. 😉 Though these suggestions are sure to be … More the AJAX bandwagon

Everest: system information, system diagnostics and benchmarking solution

Where the heck have I been? This is an awesome tool! And free. If you are using a PC and want to get as much information as you can concerning the inner workings (including hardware, OS settings, installed software, etc.), you could hardly do better than EVEREST Home Edition. As a tool for generating reports, … More Everest: system information, system diagnostics and benchmarking solution

Finally. Cyberspace?

I know our expectations for cool cyberspace are pretty high. Even (and perhaps especially) cartoons (anime) depict it in pretty cool ways. But to badly paraphrase Avery Brooks’ IBM Ad: “It’s the year 2004, but where is my cyberspace? I was promised cyberspace. I don’t see any cyberspace. Why? Why? Why…” Well apparently, a whole … More Finally. Cyberspace?