iSepta: or “How NOT to have your web-service suck”.

Fantastic interview on Philebrity (it’s a great Philly-based destination, don’tchaknow). When people get together to create something cool, it’s great. When it really solves a “problem”, that’s even better. But when it can actually make my life SUCK less? That’s just pure gold. “Yesterday, three developers went public with an interactive SEPTA route planner designed … More iSepta: or “How NOT to have your web-service suck”.

Revenge of the BBS?

Ok, ok… Not so much. More like “Return of the Forum”. As if they ever went away ( sites like Japan’s 2ch and Gaia Online being good examples of the popularity and scope). Forums have been around for years, and they work well. But what if you forget to visit? If losing track of conversational … More Revenge of the BBS?