Lahde: Going out on a high note.

I’m a little late to this party, but I thought it worth quickly posting. Andrew Lahde goes where many of us dream of going with his open resignation letter. This made the inevitable splash in finance circles, and now the ripples risk washing away in the wake of the larger financial crisis news. (I first spotted this on DistrictGrind)

But rather than being simply a parting shot, this reads like the sickened plea of a man who has realized something a bit more fundamental: That the market sucks (or could be so much better). And along the way, a number of other related realizations, like: The government could have fixed it, and didn’t (to it’s great monetary benefit, he posits) – so, the government sucks (…well, at least its current implementation sucks, cause it used to work… or work BETTER). His recommendations follow, rather predictably, those realizations (George Soros? Hemp?).

So EGADS! The man starts a hedge fund that makes goo gobs of money, preying on the greed and surrounding commoditization of the subprime mortgage speculation, get’s disgusted by the whole affair, and drops OUT. And since he momentarily has the entire financial community’s ear, he chooses to follow Jerry’s advice to George, and “Go out on a high note”!

The result? The best resignation letter. Ever.