Big Bang! (Higgs boson or bust…)

Somewhere relatively deep beneath the Swiss/French Alps, massive forces are marshalling. In a ring, whose length  measures the distance of the the Naples-Capri swim (first done in 1949: coincidentally the year NATO was formed, and the first Soviet atomic bomb is tested), secrets of the universe are due to be tested.

Today, amidst ceremony and hooplah, they throw the big switch, and the Large Hadron Collider goes “active”.

…sure, it’s just a simple power on. Sure the big stuff probably won’t happen for months. Heck, they probably won’t get it up to full power before the end of the year…

That’s ok. Scary enough for some. But don’t worry, just check this site to see if the world has ended (I’m told it’s infallible).

Wait. You hadn’t heard about all of this? Where have you BEEN? This IS the internet(s) you know.

Me? I’m happy to be watching the spectacle. I’m… I suppose you’d say, bemused. I’ll trot over to the Beeb (BBC Radio 4) and get my fill on trivia and edutainment. I’ll probably follow the Slashdottieness (did I just make up another word?), and I’ll probably joke about it with my friends. Heck, if I’m really bored, I might check out the live webcast.

Mostly, I think I’ll forget (like I do ALL these big events), and watch somebodies YouTube of it. *sigh*

2 thoughts on “Big Bang! (Higgs boson or bust…)

  1. Read Into the looking glass

    When a 60 kiloton nuclear explosion destroys the University of Central Florida ( creates bosons that form gates to other worlds and )

    …the alien gates start disgorging “demons.”

    As the gates spread and evil aliens spread with them, it is up to Weaver and SEAL Command Master Chief Miller to find a way to stop the proliferation and close the hostile gates….

    I was hoping for something cool other then a bad magnet…

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