A Plea…

redemption is a harsh mistress

So I’ve been demoted.

Honestly? I should have seen it coming. The post rate around here is… well, frankly, abysmal. I just haven’t been able to muster the strength of commitment to keep a string of regular posts coming.

And I tell myself I’m doing it for you. Really! You don’t want to read some lame diatribe about what I did today. Hell, I don’t even want to relive what happened today. Subjecting you to some half-thought out ramblings on the status of the coffee machine, or who said what to whom at work… well. It just seems trite. So I’m sparing you the dribbling of my life. No, no! Don’t thank me. It’s the least I can do.

…but then again… That’s how I ended up here. Down one loyal reader.

And not just any reader, but one who’s been loyal throughout all this. Somebody who’s dedication and excitement was, I now realize, one of the few things adding light and meaning to the dreary world of my blogging life. Somebody special. A muse, if you’ll excuse the dramatic tone.

And now, that someone is gone.

Well, not “gone” so much as less attentive.

Alright, so the truth is I’ve been moved down the iGoogle page of RSS feeds that this reader maintains. But BELOW THE FOLD!! …how did it come to THIS?

You have to understand, this represents a serious blow to the prominence and integrity of my blogging life. My readership has suffered a significant blow. I mean, how often does one even scroll below the fold on their iGoogle page? (I never do…)

Anyway. As futile as this may seem, I write this with both the solemnity and modesty that I lacked in all my non-posting bravado:

Brave mofro.com subscriber… Faithful adventurer into the dark and murky uncertainness that is this blog… PLEASE reconsider. I can only promise that the trust you show in me and my blogness will be repaid, at least… one fold.

2 thoughts on “A Plea…

  1. Oh, absolutely NOT! Mofro, the band, is doing quite well in the “blog” department. It pretty much lives up to the success they are enjoying in the music department! And have you checked out the site? it’s awesome.

    Just for the record: I am NOT MOFRO. I have no standing in the band, have never met JJ Grey nor any of his amazing band members. I do not live in the south.

    I mean, I’ve done a lot to keep our identities seperate… I keep my site name in lowercase, I NEVER brag about my latest gig (I do not gig, btw), and I certainly never brag about my southern-fried funk. You won’t find me on their link list, or among the favorites. I lament the fact that I haven’t been mentioned by them (to my knowledge), but that’s probably my fault… I mean, what have I done for THEM lately? 😉

    So while I love the band, love their sound, and hope to better represent my southern musical namesake in future posts, I most definitely don’t want to give the impression that THEY are, in any way, losing popularity or readership.

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