…Throw Money. (AKA: the iPhone Rebate)


Two surprises from Apple in as many days!

Jojo @ nono.com hipped me (thanks Jojo!). Apparently, Steve “came to his senses”. In an open letter to Apple customers, he’s come clean that Apple has a responsibility to it’s “early adopters”. All the posturing and bids for good press aside, this is pretty much an unprecedented move from Apple. Giving the uber-loyal customers something back ( a symbol, really: They could have written a check), is an acknowledgment of the import of both their willingness to invest in Apple’s products, AS WELL AS a great PR move. It’s pretty much damage control with benefits!

Anywho… I’m a big boy. I knew the job was dangerous when I took it. I KNEW Apple would figure out a way to make my early investment seem… well not so special. Even so, I don’t think I really expected it so soon. And so severe (1/3 off the price?). But “that’s technology” (Thanks Steve. Try not to sound so choked up next time. Just because you’re right doesn’t mean you should SAY it.).

Still, will I take the offering and be mollified? You Betcha!

In the immortal para-phrased words of Han Solo: “Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution, and I’m not in it for you,” Steve Jobs, I expect to be surfing the net on the train, and listening to music while I do it! I expect to be able to get my phone calls like everyone else, and then look up where that store my friend mentioned actually IS, before I try to drive there. And I want it all in that clean, Apple package. That nice, expensive, slick, cool, functional, now overpriced, still way cool, package.

…besides. What was I GONNA say, right?