Huh. He actually stepped down!

Alberto Gonzalez

Embattled Attorney General Resigns (NYT, August 27th, 2007)

(well, not without the inevitable puff of Hot Air. Even “non-news” links all the way from my new favorite town in NC, Asheville).

hmmmph. I’m practically pleasantly speechless. Of course there is PLENTY of noise about this elsewhere, so i’ll just stay quiet.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, I’m just discovering a really cool feature on the NYT article pages…

Seems like they bothered to capture the double-click of the mouse over the article text. This allows them to pinpoint the word you were over when you double-clicked, and they attempt to offer definitions and glossary services based on the word you clicked! Try it out while you’re there! It’s pretty cool. Powered, I believe, by a couple of dictionary web services. And it doesn’t always get the context right, but it’s pretty seamless.


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