Apple’s Safari moves to the PC!

Well! That was a bit of a surprise (thanks for the tip, TB). I’d been expecting a drop of Apple’s new Safari version for a while now. And the buzz was there, taunting me. But somehow between all the noise (Leopard speculations, Steve Jobs & Bill Gates @ D5, Web application support for the iPhone…), I must have missed this one: Safari is available for the PC. ( download here. )


Yet ANOTHER browser to write for. *sigh*.

Now it’s beta, so be kind. So far it looks pretty stable, but I did notice some stuff missing. For example, proxy support (or at least a means to manually manage the proxy settings) is disabled in my version. And there are some obvious Beta-esque inclusions, like the bug reporting button to the left of the address bar.

One other immediate gotcha for all the Windows purists: it has the same Mac UI elements that seem to divide nations and start religious wars. Most notable amongst these are the menu layouts (where they put certain things by convention), and that gosh-awful drag corner (bottom right: which is the ONLY way to resize the window beyond the maximize and minimize controls).

Having noted that, it’s pretty slick. I actually am pretty amazed, and happy to see it. It certainly goes a long way towards explaining the holdup for what was to be the next Mac version of safari. I was starting to get worried. And I can’t wait to take it for a spin (particularly alongside the Mac version). Anybody have any skinny on how well it implements web standards yet?


One thought on “Apple’s Safari moves to the PC!

  1. Isn’t the Windows OS entire also available for Mac? The lines are blurring…

    I’m a PC guy and I love Mozilla Firefox. I’ll stick with what I’m using, regardless of how much the Mac guys love Safari.

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