Spider-man 3

Well, for weeks I’d been slowly realizing a growing truth: Gotta see it. If only for the effects (which are awesome), or for the continuing saga and romance (which, fortunately, is as compelling as the first movie), or for the villains (some surprises, and rewards for the comic-faithful). The more I saw in snippets of narrowly avoided trailers (pet peeve: trailers that reveal too much), the stronger that burgeoning subconscious certainty became.

And so it was more than simply a pleasant surprise to find myself sitting in a darkened theater, waiting to see the latest Raimi/McGuire interpretation of everybody’s favorite webslinger.

This time around, there seems to be more… movie, in this movie. By that I guess I mean they spent a decent amount of time on quiet moments, and smacking us around with the relationships of the main characters. And it’s actually nice! I CARE about these folks, at least in the abstract. And it’s always been Sam’s goal, to show us these characters as real people (or at least as real as a comic-book character can be). That’s a change from most comic book adaptations, where the plot serves the action (sometimes in very satisfying ways) and not the other way around. And while this is certainly no “Remains of the Day”, it does provide more actual drama (maybe leaning a bit towards melodrama) than, say for example, the random Batman movie. And is much more satisfying than the last Superman for the same reason (sorry Supes).

I was fortunate enough to see a pre-pre-release showing thanks to my company, and I have to say I enjoyed it thoroughly. People will nit. People will pick. And I’m certain it deserves some critical analysis, for those that really enjoy that kind of exercise. I can only speak for my subjective assessment, and I have to say I really enjoyed it, minor warts and all.

But don’t take MY word for it: get out there and see it for yourself! It’s not a bad way to spend a couple of hours


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