I’d hardly believe, if it weren’t April 2nd…

Can it be true? TechCrunch is reporting it (complete with an MP3 of the press call), and promises a PDF transcript. I scarcely can believe my eyes!

EMI, Apple To Sell DRM-Free Music for $1.29/song

You read that right. DRM-Free. Can the “muscle” that is iTunes finally return us to a world of copy-protection “sanity”? Is that even WISE?

Now don’t get me wrong: I’ve been a proponent of DRM-restraint and the wholesale review of the crazy that is the train called DRM for some time. But Steve’s quip that they are “offering people nothing more than what they get when they buy a cd directly, and rip it”, seems… well, I dunno what it seems! Maybe a bit nostalgic? Certainly not in-line with the current accepted thinking, that we are all a bunch of thieving hooligans!

I mean, what if we *gasp* pass copies of these files to our friends (like we used to with tapes: remember THOSE?), or duped cds? Heavens! What happens if we SHARE?

And how in the world did EMI get talked into this (not that I’m complaining)? I mean I can now OWN some of the Fergilicious! Or Usher, Scissor Sisters, Ozzy, or even The Police!

Pretty slick, if not a little surprising. Heck, I’ll pay the extra $0.30! Free and clear…

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2 thoughts on “I’d hardly believe, if it weren’t April 2nd…

  1. This is HUGE! I love it! I’ll gladly pay the difference and I will plan on upgrading quite a large portion of my library. Personally I am starting to buy more single tracks and less albums so the price difference isn’t that big of a deal to me. Way to bring the hammer, Jobs! I love how Apple is so consumer driven!

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