Anti DRM Protest… in Philly!!

From a press release I just stumbled across.

Following successful demonstrations by Free Culture NYU, Swarthmore Students will stand up for the rights of music consumers in a protest on February 25th at the Tower Records store on South Street.
That’s right. Just getting word that South Street will, for a refreshing change, be used for something other than posing and people-watching. Lord knows how long it’s been since Tower Records has been truly vibrant, much less a worthy destination. And I’m not talking about Mardi Gras Day riots and stuff. (Apologies to all those Tower Records folks… I’m trying to be snarky here.) History aside, South Street has become a glorified mall.


I said it.

…But I digress. It seems as if someone thinks it’s still relevant. That it can draw from it’s population the seeds of righteous discord. That it can be a place where people stand tall in the face of encroaching corporate greed and social oppression. That it can be more than it was…

Does anyone else feel it’s odd that we have to ship in people from NYU to have a proper protest? I mean REALLY, people.


Ummm… Just read the press release. I’m obviously out of my depth here.


2 thoughts on “Anti DRM Protest… in Philly!!

  1. Consider MythTV? You’re going to have to hook something more to your TV if you want the listings there.

    I’ve got a license for BeyondTV that I don’t use (no reception near my PC) that might also do the job.

    And there’s always Windows XP Media Center.

  2. Probably won’t be using Media Center, even though it’s easier than it was to procure an OEM copy.

    Last I looked at MythTV (Which is pretty damn cool, from a features standpoint) there were a raft full of issues, most of them not MythTV’s fault: drivers, codecs, & necessary kernel recompilations.

    Turns out, I actually own BeyondTV for that very reason (though I don’t really make that clear in the post). It’s pretty awesome, though plagued with issues of it’s own. I have been using it for a couple of years now and I like it.

    My biggest complaint, though, is that all these TV listing “services” don’t play well with ANY of the other methods for seeing what’s on. I get a glorified list in BTV. I’d get the same with MythTV. There are ways to use the other “services” as straight data feeds (via XML, I think), but no way to truly integrate the features I like (recommendations, ratings, Upcoming new stuff). You know: all the stuff that makes TiVo’s SERVICE so loved/hated.

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