“You’ve got Jail!”

There will probably never be an end to stories like this. I remember someone once saying that the reason that most criminals get caught is due to some very specific error on their part, and not so much on “brilliant detective work”. Well. If I had to guess what the error was here…

WEST BEND, Wis. (AP) – Authorities were seeking Thursday a burglar who allegedly took the time to make coffee, cook and eat meals, take showers, pick out a change of clothes, watch television and check his e-mail while inside three rural Washington County homes this month.

…Lori Menzel of the town of Kewaskum said the burglar left his Yahoo account open after checking his personal e-mail on the computer at her home.


I suppose i should feel grateful: the number of crimes that go unsolved despite the evidence is already alarmingly high. Thanks, house-robbing-guy! Thanks for remembering us regular people! Now stop running around so the cops can catch you, ok? Ahhh… Wisconsin.

– Via boingboing.


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