Christmas 2005

Oh yeah… Merry Xmas.

I’m late. I know.

What do you want, a cookie? Santa got ’em all already, so you’ll have to do without.

Christmas this year was awesome, by and large. There were, however, a few wrinkles.

This is the second Christmas where I found myself at a funeral. This time it was my wife’s maternal (step) grandfather. He was, in my wife’s heart, simply her grandfather. And from all accounts, a wonderfully loyal, hardworking, loving and sensitive man. Judging from the people that were on hand to mourn his passing, he was someone I’m sorry to have never met. Anyway, he deserves far more than a fleeting mention, and this holiday wrap-up is hardly the time/place. The upside is that we got to spend the remainder of the day with some wonderful family. I regret that we can’t get together more often!

Family, all the way around, seem to be doing well. I saw more than my fair share of people I care for, and by no means did I get to see them all. There were hugs and handshakes all over the place. I got the extended family holiday overload (which was wonderful, as usual), and then the extra added bonus of the “lie on Mom’s rug like a 12 year-old”. on Christmas day.

Presents were few this year, and I’m actually glad. I got to give a bit more than I got, and I didn’t have to feel like some consumerism junky. I hope you all got what you wanted/needed/”don’t feel compelled to return”/”will keep anyway: why not”. No re-gifting was necessary; that’s always a good sign.

Me? I’m just happy to have made it out alive (again). 30 or 40 more of those, and I’m DONE.

I hope YOU had a pleasant, safe, and interesting holiday. Often it’s not exactly what you expected it to be, but sometimes it’s exactly what it needs to be. And for that, I am thankful.


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