“Air Dry”-cleaning

Singapore students attempt to re-invent the washing machine. The results are prett nifty. Can’t wait to see this made available as a consumer product. (It’ll probably be available here in the states say, about the same time the Jetson’s flying cars are.)

“Called Airwash, the waterfall-inspired washing unit is waterless and does not use detergents.”

How does it do it, you ask? Ions, baby. Negative freakin ions. Awesome.


One thought on ““Air Dry”-cleaning

  1. Every year I do just a few updates on my Wish List Live site. This year, it’s a bit broken due to a server move, but we’re still using it.

    Right now it’s just family and a few friends, so issues are not mission-critical, but feel free to sign up, look around, and email me how many glitches you find. 🙂

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