Obviously, I have been out of it for far too long. (Long time friends no doubt agree… but that’s another story).

Like when, a while back, I read that BMW was getting into the skateboard biz with the introduction of their “carving” board. Sure, they maintain that it’s a different experience, more akin to snowboarding than skating. Whatever.

Clearly, at almost $500, you are paying for the BMW name; there are plenty of other carving boards out there.

And of course the snowboard explosion, what with the cool culture and all, is in large part responsible for the continuing interest in all things downhill: skating included.

But being an old skater at heart (and I don’t mean the old roller rink set, as cool as that may be), and an inline convert from a few years back, it warms my heart to see people still playing around with the idea of street skating. What wow’d me most is that there are still new things to discover…

Enter Freeline. These skates defy… well, common sense! You gotta see the videos to have it become truly clear. The guy going uphill is out of control!


And then I come back down to earth… Maybe when my friends kids get old enough… Maybe I won’t be TOO old by then… šŸ˜‰


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