SEPTA STRIKE 2005: It’s Over!!

SEPTA has reached an agreement with the unions. Too late for Monday morning commuters, but welcome nonetheless.

At least I HOPE so. Now here’s my cynical take: SEPTA gets it’s arm twisted to reach an agreement that it postponed as long as possible, but was already willing to make. The union gets most of what it wanted, but losses money it would have made if SEPTA had dealt sooner: SEPTA pockets it’s operating cost savings.

SEPTA, now forced by behind-the-scenes forces, ponies up some cash, and waits for a few months for things to return to “normal”. THEN they try once more to get the city/state to allow a rate increase they have been continually denied. Either that or state subsidization: this time with the leverage “well, you saw what we had to pay the workers. We can’t afford to pay that without some increase in revenue…”

This is, of course, all speculation on my part. Don’t make too much of it if it comes to pass. And Don’t hold me to it if it doesn’t. What am I, clairvoyant?


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