Can you hear me now?

So… how do I even start this?

Seems like there is something fishy… err amphibiany in Bangkok.

Ok. So the idea of these guys having cell phones in prison is pretty dodgy. That should not be.

And all the logistical stuff, I don’t understand. I mean who’s paying for the service? What if they cut you off? That’d be a bummer, eh? And hows that reception? And don’t get me started about ringtones. They better have them all set on vibrate…

Anywho. It seems as though the wackiest bit is how they’re hiding these things from the guards. I just don’t get why FOODstuffs figure so prominently in the mix? I guess, unlike most possessions, it’s something the guards are less likely to take an interest in. But dead frogs? Did someone think that it wouldn’t look funny if a guard caught sight of a frog leaping 15 ft over the razor wire? Was it the aerodynamics? Or was it the only thing they could get their hands on?



3 thoughts on “Can you hear me now?

  1. Fares depend upon Rendell and his administration. He was the so called “Midnight Warrior, riding to the rescue of a troubled stalemate.”

    Nonsense! Guess who’s running for re-election!

    Wake up and smell the roses. Without dedicated funding, public transit in this region will fall away. The union and management of SEPTA will not matter, if Philadelphia GDP wavers low.

    There is a precarious balance between funding transit and funing highways. One does not work properly, without the other.

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