World Usability Day

Wish the world were more usable? Less bad directions, more usable products and services?

Well there actually ARE people trying to make this happen, despite the impression this website might be giving you…

In fact, people all over the world are doing it. And there is a day dedicated to it. And there is a website that, among other things, counts down the hours, and details events that are run during the day. Very usable.

On that note, there is an event at Drexel, November 3rd.

Start: 3 Nov 2005 – 5:00pm
End: 3 Nov 2005 – 7:00pm

World Usability Day will be observed in the Philadelphia region on November 3rd. We will host an event showcasing the techniques and professional practices that make digital products such as computer software, web sites, and internet-based applications easier to use.

The keynote speaker is Tom Tullis, from Fidelity Investments providing insights on, “Usability and the Evolution of Technology, or You Shouldn’t Have to Read a User Manual to Ride an Elevator!”
Whenever new products are introduced, people generally have difficulty interacting with them directly. The subtitle refers to new elevators that contain no floor buttons, a high-tech sophistication that results in great consternation for the rider. Dr. Tullis will relate the example to the evolution of information technology as a whole, including the newest generation of the Web. He will ask who can directly access information technology, how they can access it in more sophisticated ways, and how we can extend access to marginalized audiences.”

This also includes a set of potentially cool exercises, and other stuff. Check it out, if you are in town. Provided you can navigate all the street signage, and other so-called “usable” items to get there…

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