E.L. Doctorow Speaks in Philly

This is EXTREMELY last minute notice, but E.L. Doctorow will be speaking at the Free Library of Philadelphia this evening (Tuesday, Nov 1.) at 8:00 p.m. (map)

Not quite for free, surprisingly enough.

Never been a huge Civil War buff, but Doctorow almost always manages to write an interesting take on the period and the subject.

E. L. Doctorow’s novels include The Book of Daniel, Ragtime, World’s Fair, Billy Bathgate, and City of God. Among his many honors are the National Book Award, two National Book Critics Circle awards, the PEN/Faulkner Award and the National Humanities Medal. His new novel, The March, takes General William Tecumseh Sherman’s famous march through Georgia and the Carolinas, near the end of the Civil War, and transforms it into a powerful metaphorical reflection on the march of life itself.
COST: $12, $8, $6

(via: Upcoming.org)


2 thoughts on “E.L. Doctorow Speaks in Philly

  1. Wait, what? An elevator that has no floor buttons? How do you operate such a conraption?

    Here I was thinking I was cutting edge, and I can’t even operate an elevator…

  2. That one stumped me as well… Perhaps if I can go to the durned meeting, I can provide some clarity. It would be cool to drop a camera into that elevator, though. I imagine it’d have that old-school “Candid Camera” feel: The riders stare in disbelief. An emabarassed smile creeps across their lips. they look back and forth. Then the brow furrows, and they start to stare REALLY hard where the buttons should be…

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