Revenge of the BBS?

Ok, ok… Not so much. More like “Return of the Forum”. As if they ever went away ( sites like Japan’s 2ch and Gaia Online being good examples of the popularity and scope).

Forums have been around for years, and they work well. But what if you forget to visit? If losing track of conversational threads is a concern you have to revisit the forum often. This leads to yet another “thing” to manage in your life.

And what about privacy? Do you always want to be subject to trolls, flaming, and random hi-jinks just in order to have a decent online conversation?

Well, chum, look no further! Web 2.0 to the rescue! …errr or at least possibly.

Conversate is a new Beta product that tries to take the best parts of a forum (online collaborative conversation, grouped by topic), and mix it with messaging and subscription abilities (via rss). It also allows members to throttle access to the conversation based on user preference. Seems pretty cool so far. Invite your friends, family, and coworkers. At least that’s what they are hoping we’ll do.

But, doesn’t this all seem a bit… familiar?


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