Look! Look! A sign!

Broken sign

Ok. So this isn’t gonna make sense to anyone.

No, not the sign. I mean it doesn’t make a LOT of sense, being as it’s nigh impossible to read from a passing car. And one has to presume that that was at least partially the point. But at least it makes sense that it’s a picture. A picture of a sign.

No the no sense addresses the “why would you post it” part. And I’m not at liberty to explain. Suffice it to say that it is meant for one of the (maybe) 5 regular visitors to this site. He’ll know what I mean. Honest. If he ever reads this.

And knock it off! No, I will not explain. If you absolutely positively can’t live without some form of context, then you can try going here. And here. Hope that helps.

So that’s that. Hey Ich: Pwned!


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