I must be the American Idiot

Green Day tonight in Philly. Wachovia Center. If I am not one of the oldest people there, I certainly will be one of the oddest. Thanks for the Tix, Lis!


Awesome. I don’t know what you guys think about Green Day, but they do a great concert. Just the right amount of *nudge* “Isn’t it cool that we’re here?”, and some serious audience participation went a loooong way. That stunt they pull where they pick some random folks out of the audience (who have to swear they can play) to become the backing band was brilliant. Some lucky woman got to take home Billie Joe’s guitar!

Maybe it’s the allure of the arena band, maybe it’s the fact that I see far less live music than I used to, I dunno. But I DO know I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Rock on Green Day!


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