Helping: The Big-Easy Way

The first impulse I have when faced witha a disaster like Katrina, is to find some way to make a difference. Well, this time email has brought to me a rather unusual, but cool idea for aid. In September, tribe is “giving away” $1 for every new member that joins. That’s a buck for free, cause tribe memeberships are free.

I thought that was a pretty cool thing for a community site to do: just become a member of the community, and they vouch for you with a small cash donantion. Check out the email as I received it below:

Dear Tribe Member,

We’ve all been deeply saddened by the hurricane and its aftermath in the South. As a community site, we think it is our responsibility to do everything we can to help. We’d like our members to join together and bring aid and relief to those in need. Here are a few things we’re doing and a few ways you can help out either with time, money, or just a little effort.

Tribe to Donate $1 for Every New Member will donate $1 for every NEW member that joins and becomes an active member in September. Remember, is free.

So, tell any of your friends to join using the link below, or forward them this email. It doesn’t cost them anything and will allow us to donate what we can. The more you get the word out the more we’ll be able to donate. For us to accurately count we need your friends to join through this URL only. Be sure to copy and paste this URL if you are sending it to friends.,CampaignLanding.vm?token=KATNEWS

Resources to make a direct donation or volunteer your time

Red Cross:

Salvation Army:

Here is also a listing of national organizations that are active in disaster relief:

Also, here’s the URL on Craig’s List as I believe we should all band together to help.…atrina_aid.html

MoveOn’s National Housing Link

One of our members, Jackie Blue, is putting together some efforts as well:
Jackie Blue has partnered with and the American Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. All profits from CD sales will go to the American Red Cross.
To purchase the CD:

Tribes you can join to talk, share, help, console, etc.

Katrina Lost & Found
For those directly affected by Hurricane Katrina.
-Find missing people
-Discuss aid efforts
-Share resources

Katrina Help
Can you help people who are dealing with the crisis in New Orleans and elsewhere in the gulf states? Discuss it here. Don’t forget to use the listings and requests to get the word out.

Hurricane Katrina
Post usefull information here regarding any kind of help for people affected by Hurricane Katrina. You never know who lands where when surfing the internet… it could be here.

Thanks for helping. A lot of needy people will be very thankful. Even the most minor contribution is a major accomplishment. Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

Darian Patchin
VP Advertising

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