Damn! Too late for the holidays… But check it out anyway.

Well, in an effort to wean myself off what has become the great “teat” of online shopping (Amazon), I found this. The GIFTMIXER3000™ is pretty sweet, if not a quite as deep as it could be. So warm. So personable. It almost makes you forget that Borders carries about one bazillionth of what Amazon does… Still it’s a pretty slick piece of marketing ploy. As I said, it lacks real “depth” in it’s recommendation, but they do seem to vary somewhat predictably based onyour selections.

I wonder if it’s success will be determined by how often it gets “passed around” by recommendations… Like this one.


One thought on “GIFTMIXER3000

  1. *EDIT*

    Giftmixer3000 has been co-opted (since the post in January 2005) by a Miller Lite site. If you like Man Laws, and want to see a very complex (and kinda cool) Flash site centered around beer and beer advertising (and Man Laws), then check it out. If you are still looking for the GiftMixer3000, then I’m afraid you are out of luck…

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