Finally. Cyberspace?

I know our expectations for cool cyberspace are pretty high. Even (and perhaps especially) cartoons (anime) depict it in pretty cool ways. But to badly paraphrase Avery Brooks’ IBM Ad: “It’s the year 2004, but where is my cyberspace? I was promised cyberspace. I don’t see any cyberspace. Why? Why? Why…”

Well apparently, a whole lot of people (in an open-source effort) are trying to do something about that. The Croquet Project looks pretty cool. It’s a bit like Sun’s “Looking Glass” project, and it adds to the discussion of why we would need a new desktop paradigm.

I won’t begin to get into the practical issues, limitations, marketing inertia, business reluctance, or customer education requirements that argue against anyone actually using a system like this. I’ll just sit back and smile. Stranger things have happened. If the skeptics (realists) are wrong (they have been before), then I get one step closer to my glorified, honest-to-goodness, Hollywood-style cyberspace. If the optimists (idealists) are wrong… well I suppose I can crow-all-superior-like later with all the rest of the nay-sayers.

…But wouldn’t it be cool?


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