Where’s George?!

Ok… I wouldn’t have thought of this. Take note of a dollar’s unique ID, and send it on it’s merry way. THEN make a website where people who receive it can look to see where it’s been? Only on the web…

Turns out it can track any bill of any denomination. But here’s the (rather obvious, in retrospect) catch: receiver’s have to enter in the info on bills they have received. So, hypothetically, you could track the progress of any bill during it’s long trek back to the government furnace. But only if people have been so kind as to enter the information as they receive it.

Still, it’s a pretty cool little thing since… it works! I had a hit with the first bill I entered (lucky me). And then I added one (just for fun). Paranoids relax: unless you create a user account, the worst they can get is your zip and your IP address (all of which they could probably have sussed-out just from your visit to the site). And the more people do this, the better the database is… Heh heh heh…


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