What don’t those Google guys do?

More from the “where the hell have I been” department…

So you guys KNOW that Google has been slowly adding to their “tools“, right? That you can not only search for things to buy and compare prices with Froogle, but that they have translation tools, hooks to blogging tools, and a nascent web API?

But digital image software?

I had to download and try Picasa for myself. As an owner of Adobe Album (ver. 2), I was pretty impressed! For free software, this thing is pretty slick! The interface has some quirky elements (some of which I really like, despite myself – like the timeline. Yeah, I know it’s harder to use, but it’s pretty!). I like the overall simplicity. It discovers the images in a logical fashion. And, here’s the best part, all the changes you make to the images or their categories won’t affect the actual images.

If you are not already using software to manage your digital images, I recommend Picasa. Not only is the price right, but it’s a capable piece of programming.