If you hold your breath long enough, do you really turn blue?

So the election is over. The country begins to heal. etc. President Bush lays out some near-term objectives. War continues to roll on in Iraq. Oil prices go down a bit; gas gets cheaper by a few cents; and the stock market has a good day.

Meanwhile, the rumor-mill and rumblings in the blogsphere concerning voting irregularities have finally started to surface in the mainstream media. (examples here, here, and here)

But my favorites are from Keith Olbermann’s blog on MSNBC and this one from Computerworld (not a typical source), that my ears started warming up. I had heard rumors of “stuffed” machines running around the day after the election, but I pretty quickly dismissed it. Mostly because they sounded like wishfull thinking, and the kind of post-mortem conspiracy squaking that any losing side might cling to. I’m not immune. But no. Nothing like that could have been pulled without someone having gotten wind, right? This election suffered from so much scrutiny it was pretty hard to believe that anything as large as out-and-out tampering could go unnoticed…

But perhaps my immediate intuition was a bit off (It wouldn’t be the first time). We shall see as the news agencies choose to either chime in or not, but I’m betting this story gets some play before it’s all over.

And what does that mean for the future? Technically, as has been pointed out, it really “ain’t over til it’s over”, concessions notwithstanding. I hate the thought of this dragging out any longer: I’m ready to bite the bullet and move forward. But I also would hate to see any manipulations of the electorate succeed. And that’s independant of who wins! Allowing that undermines the entire process.