“So how does this come out again, precisely?”

This one I don’t know how I missed…

Apparently, a gentleman by the name of Mr. Lee Mingwei is going to be a mom.

You read that right.

According to a website that seems to be a part of the RYT-Hospital Dwayne Medical Center, Mr. Mingwei (an artist) has undergone gene therapy and hormonal treatment to allow In vitro fertilization (IVF) and placement of a fetus as an ectopic pregnancy.

Yeah. I got that same funny look on my face.

Of course, the whole thing has been accused of being a hoax. Which it is (check to see what Google thinks). And both About.com and Snopes.com have chimed in… What amazes me are the following. That it was conceived as a work of art: an elaborate sham created to make people question their assumptions about gender roles. And, of course, that more people are starting to bite. People are STILL finding reasons to half-believe or only half-doubt the validity of this claim.

Of course, this is all old news, right? I personally don’t remember seeing it going around, but there are instances of this site on the Wayback Machine going back to 1999. How long can this man hold it?!

More importantly, how long can something like this hold interest? If my post is any indication, a pretty damn long time… 😉