Site Change

Toying with a new site look “in my spare time”… Nothing incredible. Simply a slight functionality improvement and a face lift.

But since the majority of what I spend my time on day-to-day is concerned with usability and user acceptance, it seems odd that so little thought had gone into this previous site.

Yeah, I know. It’s only some “vanity” site. It’s read by a handful of people. My visit rates are just starting to peek over 300 visits a week, and a lot of those seem to be from military bases (Hi!). ??? (p.s. Yo to all the Macintosh people… You are few, but you are noticed!)

And it occurs to me that it might be worth asking some questions: Any suggestions? Is there any particular part of this site you’d wanted to see changed/improved? Like who KNEW that 27% of the people visiting here are set to 800×600 screen resolution? I didn’t. Well, I guess actually I DID, since I just said it, but I really DIDN’T… Anyway…

Pop me a comment! Perhaps it’s about something I’ve already planned, perhaps not. I’d love to hear what you think.