, the MPAA, and the FBI

So, apparently, when you piss off the MPAA (by actively supporting work product of their member entities), and help them to sell said product, you risk becoming labeled a terrorist by the FBI.

This story isn’t really the first time we’ve heard this (although the USA Patriot Act references don’t bode well), since something like this can happen to even relatively harmless web endeavors like Steve Jackson’s Games. (Of course the media got many of the facts of the case wrong…)

There have been other cases since in the gaming world, and this sort of thing happens more often than we think. But the USA Patriot Act being invoked just smacks of sloppiness and laziness… Now the FBI and Secret Service, which have been guilty of periodic moments of lunacy, have a whole new toolset to abuse…

Ooops! Did I say that “out loud”? 😉

…BTW, Psion brings up the obvious, but great point, that these guys seem to have been a bit fast & loose with the links early on… Read his comment