The Passion of the Peeps

Heretical? Yes. But my friends will understand:

Down with my Peeps

Online gallery of Easter-themed diorama art created with Marshmallow Peeps. What are Peeps? Well, the Washington Post says they’re “the chick-and-bunny-shaped marshmallow treats that have become America’s best-loved harbingers of the season”. You might call these images of winning art contest entries — yes, yes — a PEEP show. Huhhuhhuh. I think my favorite is this Mel Gibson homage, The Passion of the Peeps.

Snip from the show review:

“Another religious entry could be described as Memorable Moments in Marshmallow Martyrdom. Created by two Catholic school girls, it depicted four saint scenes, including John the Baptist beheaded, Joan of Arc being burned at the stake, St. Peter crucified upside down on Pop-sicle sticks and St. Stephen being stoned to death by jelly beans.”


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