Temporary E-mail?

Ever need a temporary mailbox? You know: the one you put up with Hotmail, or Yahoo in order to have? The one that fills with junk you have to wade through every time you want to join a forum or log into some web form?

Recently, people have passed on two options: Mailinator, a very UNsecure, but handy temporary location (ex. bobsmith@mailinator.com ) to fill out forms and pick up the results. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU USE IT FOR. Anyone can see the results. And, a more secure option is at Spam Gourmet billed as a “free disposable email address”. It’s got all kinds of advanced options to tickle your brain… Go ahead! Give it a whirl. But if Istart getting mail from secretspam.bogus.1.foo@spamgourmet.com, don’t expect me to rush to answer it…

spotted on gskinner.com

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