The Philly Fringe ’03 is in full swing! (Sorry for the delay, folks..) And as usual, there is the mixed bag of the good, and the awful…

Well, perhaps awful is a little too strong? Nah. There’s some dreadful stuff being presented under the guise of “edgy, daring” theatre.

Mostly there is a great deal of STUFF to do and see. The majority of the works seem very credible this year, and somehow less pretentious. Or maybe I should say more accessible. Or it’s just me.

Either way, the Fringe Festival continues through September 13th, so there is plenty of time left to grab a show or three if you’re in town.

There is a downloadable Guide to the events here. (Though the PDF might go away soon after the show is over).

And of course, Digital Philly weighs in again with their review/guide. And the weather looks cooperative!