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phonecamblog  bLOGical: “Moblogging the News.  Phonecamblog the NYC Blackout
“Welcome to phonecam nation. A public phonecam blog devoted to mobile snapshots of the 08-14-03 east coast power blackouts is now here.

The organizers say ‘send images via email to .’ Best headline idea ever, nod to BoingBoing reader chico haas: ‘NY AC KO’ ( Thanks, Caine )” [ Boing Boing Blog ]

Heh – I knew something was up because James called me from Canada to tell me his power had gone out during our IM chat. Will Cox then messaged to tell me it was more than just Canada. He sent me links for updates as they came in, and I responded that I was still waiting for the moblogging to start.  🙂
It’s too bad the television and newspaper sites haven’t done a better job of working with their readers to add local content to their BigPub sites. If they had better working relationships with their readers or had advertised reader-based moblogs before today, then the content (and traffic) would have gone to their sites instead of to a hastily organized one that half the people experiencing the power outage didn’t even know about. The media companies could have had on-site pictures to go with those early three sentence reports that “something” had happened.
On the other hand, it would be interesting for someone to study how that URL got to those people if they couldn’t surf the web with their computers. There’s a meme to track!
Update : I’m fascinated by the personal experience stories pouring in, except this time there are far more pictures. Check out Clive Thompson’s post about using free Wi-Fi in a Philadelphia park to book a hotel room and download new drivers in order to use a wired connection for his laptop back in said hotel room.
I wonder if there was a public library nearby that offered wireless access, too…. [ The Shifted Librarian ]”