One Year Later

The conversations begin, almost without any effort. No one needs to ask the topic. Comments spring up spontaneously; Combustion. Dread and quiet sorrow hanging over our heads like smoke. Today will be spent in quiet reaction and tentative interaction. People will feel the strange combined pull of connection and of isolation. Mostly, people will talk and remember. It’s a day for it.

I feel a bit out of sorts and removed from it all, and find I have to keep reminding myself that something monumental actually happened. I wanted to stay away from the inevitable avalanche of exposure as much as possible. I’m not running from grief; No one I know died that day. No narrow escapes. Only scattered stories of people’s brushes with the event from afar, and the vague, cold touch of abstract fear and uncertainty. My sister, living in Spain at the time, probably felt more connected to the events of that day. I was simply numb, as I imagine a good number of people were.

I want to feel, in a sense, like I did on September 10th; not simply safe, but unburdened. I feel so much like we are all carrying a shared weight. I want to be free to set it down. And yet, I find myself wallowing in the media, pouring over pictures, accounts, links, and stories. I’m not sure what it is I’m looking for.

I look at the people around me and things seem quiet; Seem normal. Despite whatever dread or sorrow they carry with them, most of the people I see seem to be carrying on, undeterred. Maybe my sense of being off is just that: Normal. Maybe I’m no different than everyone else; Looking for answers. Or maybe I’m searching for my questions…

web memory, September 11, 2001

digital image archive

images from a Greenwich rooftop

images of before and after This link no longer shows 9/11 related imagery… However, it’s a pretty nifty Flash-based portfolio from the photographer…